/CONCERN #147 Frascati Café

We redesigned the interior of the bar next to the Frascati Theatre in the centre of Amsterdam. The Frascati Theatre and the bar formally known as De Blinker both have a rich history. The spaces are connected and therefor share their (loyal) crowd of visitors. It was long time wish of business director Jola Klarenbeek to combine forces as both management and architecture of the bar were desperately in need of rejuvenation. Hence the dramatic change in set up and atmosphere.

The bar is set up in three zones: A lobby; with a flexible catering to the fluctuating number visitors, a warm café; with dimmed light and a luxurious bar, and a restaurant; a cheap-chic diner with good quality meals under €10,-
Reconstructing the original volumes, taking out some existing columns and repositioning the bar have restored the industrial look of the space. The natural oak panelling of the bar and some of the walls is in reference to the historic part of Frascati Café.

The management of the bar and restaurant Frascati Café is set up in collaboration with Michiel Kleiss, owner of Brasserie Harkema. The next door neighbour.
A powerful combination of culture and commerce.

Project team Concern: Gilian Schrofer, Koert Broekman

Photography by Scagliola/Brakkee