/The Dutch Weed Burger - The Joint

A brand with the utmost passion and energy to do good:

The restaurant serves high quality vegan fast food, but the bigger picture of The Dutch Weed Burger is to create a paradigm shift towards a world where a plant-based lifestyle is the new normal. ‘Serving positive change’ is their credo. Through this street food concept, everyone can easily access the plant-based kitchen in a very tasty way. The Joint is not only for vegans and vegetarians: anyone who loves good food is most welcome. Stimulating, inspiring and transforming.

The team was doing very well on their wholesale and festival food when I met them. Their burger was already on the street. They just needed some help them set up their own flagship (aka The Joint). I helped adding a little bit of extra flavour to their design direction and made a simple translation to production. Super low budget, but incredible commitment to get there.

Vegan Pirates!